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  Products > Anjani Coastal Gold - PSC (Portland Slag Cement)


  • It has high ultimate strength with higher rate of gain of strength than normal OPC available in market.
  • Lower water demand & Lower Shrinkage
  • With high compressive strength Portland Slag Cement ensures substantial savings in Cement Consumption.
  • Ideal to use in RCC Slabs, in all types of constructions especially for Marine constructions Elimination of cracks & gives Ultimate higher strength
  • Resistance of Sulphates, alkalis, chlorides & Co2 – aggregates reaction
  • Resistance to sea water & Prevent water patches
  • Smooth surface in finish & Superior bonding
  • Greater durability & Better workability
  • Low heat of Hydration & Reduction in free lime leaching
  • Reduced bleeding as well as segregation & corrosion
  • Denser, less permeable concrete and mortar
  • Reduced drying shrinkage & Increased static modules of elasticity
  • Environmental friendly cement & Green cement



  • Portland Blast Furnace Slag Cement is particularly suitable for rivers, ports, roads and tunnels.
  • Portland Slag Cement is most commonly used in Coastal regions.