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Anjani Cement is a popular brand in south India for its quality and commitment to service. Starting with initial production capacity of 0.3 million tonnes per annum in 1999, the Company has now achieved a quantum shift in its production capacity to 1.2 million tonnes per annum. The second plant powered with the latest and modern technology and infrastructure has started operations in 2010 and has poised the company on an energized growth path to achieve new performance levels and service standards.

The professional teams of technical, financial, marketing, strategic planning and human resources have served through prestigious capacities in the industry with integrity and repute for more than 30 years. The responsibility and accountability of these professionals is evident in their good management practices and shared objectives.  The present standing of Anjani Cement is credited to the commitment of this notch team.

The cement is only as good as its raw materials and primarily depends on the quality of the lime stone used. The limestone mines of Anjani are acclaimed as the best mines amongst the cement brackets of Nalgonda district, thus confirming the superior quality of the cement produced.

With its exemplary growth in production and services, Anjani Cement has captured the market in Andhra Pradesh and competes with the national players in the industry. Anjani has now extended its reach to Tamil Nadu, Orissa and Karnataka and also made forays into the markets of Maharashtra, Kerala and Goa. An excellent dealer network system ensures successful spread and sales of the cement within and outside the state.

Sound R&D ensures continuous innovation in technology and realization of best quality standards. Anjani Powder Research Centre conducts research and takes up relentless testing procedures of cement of all available brands for improvement and standardization of the products.

Anjani Cement also makes persistent effort to restore and maintain the eco balance and greening process in and around the cement plants. The RABH technology ensures minimum air pollution in and around the plant.  Efforts are made towards greening the environment by planting and nurturing trees and other flora in the cement plant vicinity.


As a responsible corporate, Anjani cement has taken conscious and decisive measures to develop knowledge based society by providing quality education for the families of the employed and neighboring villages. An innovative venture – BV Raju Institute of Cement Technology was initiated by the company to train the rural youth in cement technology and production for potential employment in cement industries.