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  Products > PPC (Portland Pozzolana Cement)


  • Heat of hydration is 30% less than OPC and hence good for massive construction.
  • No adverse impact on corrosion of reinforcement steel.
  • Better choice than OPC for construction of structures in coastal and marine areas.
  • Better resistance to chlorides and sulphates than OPC.
  • High compressive strength.  Gains strength up to one year unlike OPC.
  • Exceeds OPC strength beyond 90 days.
  • Gives smoother finishing to structures.
  • Low porosity, permissibility and dense concrete.
  • High workability and slow retention due to improved water retention properties.
  • Reduces thermal cracks.
  • Reduces green house gas emission.



  • Used in mass concrete works like dams, spillways, retaining walls where OPC is not suitable.
  • All types of RCC work
  • Underground structures, bridges.
  • General building works.
  • Hydro- power stations.
  • Dams, roller compacted concrete etc.
  • Column, beam, slab and all structural works.
  • Brick and stone masonry, plastering and flooring.
  • For cement concrete roads.