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Cement has for centuries, played a very important role in all construction activities from small single room tenements to mega structures. Cement industry has a noticeable share in the Indian economic growth and development. But apart from chemical engineers, structural engineers, and academicians related to the subject, there is very little awareness about various types of cements, versatility in its applications, technological developments and its production capacities.

Some people who work closely with mega manufacturers of cement are sadly unaware of production processes, quality components, the nuances of cement use, strength and concrete mix ratios, so as to achieve optimum results from cement use.

Anjani Cement always upholds Padma Bhushan Dr. BV Raju as the mentor of this thriving organization and realizes this as an obligation to the cement family in specific and society in general to bring forth this knowledge for one and all.

This studio is a humble effort towards this purpose.

Anjani Studio visitor comments:
Given below are a few testimonials of the guests who visited the Anjani Studio:

“The process film is not only for the engineers but also for the general members of the society.”
- A Professor of BVUT, Orissa.
“A very novel and innovative way for imparting knowledge about the cement - a product of everyday use but least awareness to the common man.”
- An Acquaintance of Employee.
“A very good concept – educative, ambitious and productive”
- An Architect.
“Innovative idea, very well made studio. It generates interest to visitors about the product and process of it.”
- A Senior Marketing Person of India Cements Ltd.
“Highly impressed by the presentation and various CSR activities”
- An Auditor of TUV-SUD South Asia.
"Thank you for providing us the opportunity to visit the Anjani Studio. It was a very informative experience and we learnt so much about the product.”
- Students of BVRIT.