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OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) 53 Grade

Higher strength and better particle size distribution of cement enables optimum water-cement ratio
Better ductility and better dynamic of structures
3200 cm2/ gm against requirement of 2250 cm2/ gm as per IS : 8112 – 1989
Higher fineness increases rate of gain of strength of cement requiring lesser consumption and improves workability

OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) 43 Grade

Ground finely, thus giving more early strength.
Moderate sulphate resisting properties.
Low in chloride thus avoids corrosion of reinforcement steel.
Good for production of concrete and concrete elements.
Better soundness and low chloride content ensures improved performance of concrete.

PPC (Portland Pozolona Cement)

Heat of hydration is 30% less than OPC and hence good for massive construction.
No adverse impact on corrosion of reinforcement steel.
Better choice than OPC for construction of structures in coastal and marine areas.
Better resistance to chlorides and sulphates than OPC.

Anjani Coastal Gold PSC (Portland Slag Cement)

It has high ultimate strength with higher rate of gain of strength than normal OPC available in market.
Lower water demand & Lower Shrinkage
With high compressive strength Portland Slag Cement ensures substantial savings in Cement Consumption.
Ideal to use in RCC Slabs, in all types of constructions especially for Marine constructions
Elimination of cracks & gives Ultimate higher strength......